Sign-up is closed

Sign-up procedure

The sign-up is only open for the waiting list. 

In the sign-up form, you will be asked for your name, country of residence, ticket types, which experience you are looking for, expectations for the larp, and special needs.

We will offer subsidised tickets for this run of Spoils of War. If you sign up for a subsidised ticket, you will sleep in a tent (everybody sleeps offgame), but it does not effect which roles you can play. 

Casting process

You will receive a list of people who signed up to note if there is anyone you think should be “red flagged” or “yellow flagged” on the 16th of December 2023 and then you have until the 22nd of December 2023 to state if you want to flag anyone on the list.

The flag colors mean, respectively, if you think they are an unsafe player or if you are okay with them being at the larp but you just don’t want to have a close relation with them. 

There 57 spots at Spoils of War. If you have agreed to pay a sponsor ticket, you will be in the lottery for the first spots and you will sleep in a 4-person bedroom. We want to make sure we can subsidize some tickets.

When the sponsored spots are filled, there will be a weighted lottery which means there will be a lottery for spots amongst all sign-ups. In the end, some characters will not have been cast and the larp will be filled up with people who have preferences that fit the uncast characters.

You will know before in the end of December 2023 if you got a spot. You have not secured your spot until you have paid either the full amount or the first installement.


The payment can be done in one of two ways:

– Pay all at once: 3rd of January 2024. 

– Three installments of 50 euros at first and then the rest. For a regular ticket, the payments will be: 4th of January (50 euro) / 4th of February (190 euro) / 4th of March (150 Euro).

Your first payment is also your deposit for the larp to secure your spot.

It is possible to arrive a day early: An extra night costs an additional 75 euros and will include sleeping arrangements and breakfast/lunch on Sunday. 

If you want to be put on a waiting list – in case you are not offered a spot at first – please say so in the questionnaire. In case of cancellations, you will be connected with one on the waiting list and you can then handle money and tickets between you. 

You cannot sell your ticket on your own. You will have to contact the organisation and we will find a replacement player. Only then will you get a refund minus the 50 euro deposit. 

We will try to find a replacement player up until 1st of May and after then we can’t promise a refund.