Price: 375 euro

The payment can be divided into three instalments of 125 euro. 

It is possible to arrive a day early: An extra night costs an additional 25 euro and will include sleeping arrangements and breakfast/lunch on Wednesday. The sign-up for this will open for participants when they have a spot. 

Sign-up procedure

Click below to fill out the short sign-up questionnaire to sign up for Spoils of War.  

The payment can be done in one of two ways:

– Pay all at once (375 euro): 1st of February

– Three instalments of 125 euro. Here the payments will fall: 1st of February / 1st of March / 1st of April. 

If you want to be put on a waiting list – in case you are not offered a spot at first – tell us in the questionnaire. In case of cancellations, we will make sure to connect the participant cancelling with one on the waiting list and you can then handle money and tickets between you. 

You cannot sell your ticket on your own. 

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