About Us

Narrators Inc. is a larp project that is the culmination of a several year long desire to take our larp designs to a new level and also invite international players. Larping together and participating in each other’s events in Denmark for more than 10 years has sparked a deep respect for each other’s larp work, and finally we have a frame within which to create together.

Katrine’s focus as a larp designer and game master has been mostly on interpersonal drama and relations, deep worldbuilding and management of crew.  She has a background in management positions in the analysis business, being a political scientist.

Morten has a background in the Danish Army and in leadership training. As a larp designer, he has always had a focus on the individual narrative of the characters and loves to put ‘normal people’ into extraordinary situations.

Narrators Inc. is a dream for both of us, and hopefully we can help facilitate other designers’ ideas as well in the future, if they wish to cooperate.


A lot of people have helped with this:

First of all – this is an international rendition and rewriting of the two Danish larps in the ‘Victorious’-series created by Katrine Wind and Alexander Bakkensen. The participants of those two larps have given us immensely valuable inspiration for creating “Spoils of War”. We owe you a lot!

Alexander Bakkensen: For help with inspiration, proofreading and valuable insights learned from both “Victorious”-larps.

Katrine Kavli: For creating this website and our visual identity. Go look for her company “Gheist”.

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